Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The water series, 4/10

In yesterday's post I talked about how composition was keeping me in the picture.
Today it's the opposite. When I took this picture, I wanted to frame the fascinating blue-cyan color of water. But when the film came back from the lab I noticed the boat in the upper left corner and
my first reaction was to reject the picture from any selection. After a while, I went through another selection process and always came back to this picture.
I tried to understand why...
At first sight I'm attracted by the light and water which puts me in a calm contemplative mood.
But I also feel disturbed by this intrusive object on top left. Seeing only part of the boat makes it look like drifting ... It triggers my curiosity. I start to question myself about what is going on outside the picture, opening the door to many possible stories. And that's exactly what makes this picture interesting, the ability to generate stories in the mind of the spectator.

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