Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Refuse Bag - Limited Edition Poster Print

Dear Friends,

Before I introduce the next image, I'd like to thank all of you for the great enthusiasm you're showing towards the Limited Edition Poster Prints. Things start to sell and more important than sales are the supporting feedback messages I get from around the world. This really inspires me, not only for the current edition project but also for the exploration of new directions to give to my work.

Thank you.


Refuse Bag by Sven Laurent

The third Limited Edition Poster Print features the sculptural materiality of one of the most used plastic objects in contemporary world.

Prints are available on my Artfinder Store with the following specifications :
- 180 x 120 cm / 72 x 48 inch
- Digital Poster Print on Mat Paper
- From a limited edition of 10
- Signed and numbered


Most of you know me for shooting contemporary art exhibitions or portraits. 
Some of you know that I actually never stop taking pictures.
But very few of you have ever seen any of those pictures.

That’s why I decided to start a Limited Edition of Poster Prints.

Those images are part of a larger series exploring the questions of space and materiality in contemporary landscape photography. The choice of printing large scale posters on mat paper was motivated by its natural referral to public display.

The limited edition posters and some other pictures are available on my Artfinder Store.

I plan to come up with a new poster once a month.
I hope you'll enjoy them !

Help me to spread the word and stay in touch.


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